Dana Woulfe Visual Artist.

HarborArts Mural

Snuck in another outdoor project before the snow starts falling here… this time a piece for HarborArts in the Boston Shipyard & Marina that I am calling “A WAKE”. I was thrilled to finally paint here as the Shipyard Gallery is a really unique (..and relatively unknown) space in Boston…plus its right down the street in my neighborhood East Boston.

Aesthetically, I wanted to return to what I was doing on Rain of Fire for this piece but experiment with the composition and have it be more of a “cloud”… not filling the entire wall. I also was interested in playing off the piece that was on the rooftop adjacent to where I was painting, a massive sculpture of a mermaid/squid creature, and have my piece feel like the wake from its passing.

Big thanks to Matt and HarborArts for making this happen!


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