Dana Woulfe Visual Artist.

Conflict and Resolve

My solo show, Conflict and Resolve, opened in Boston this month at Lot F Gallery showcasing a completely new body of work that I’ve been developing for the last year or so. I’ll keep the words short on this one and just show you the work. Thanks to Lot F for the opportunity once again and for everyone who came out!

Feels Right – Acrylic, spray paint and watercolor on convex wood panel with matte and clear coat. 20” x 45”

Cropped Circles – Acrylic, spray paint, watercolor and pencil on wood panel with matte coat. 24” x 24”

Refraction Eternal – Ink, acrylic and spray paint on aluminum with handmade hardwood frame. 36” x 36”

Title Wave – Acrylic, and spray paint on canvas. 6’ x 6’

Steel Rail – Acrylic, pencil, spray paint and stainless steel spray on found aluminum panel with hand made hardwood frame. 25″ x 50″

Dark Wave – Acrylic, spray paint, pencil on wood panel with matte and clear coat. 48” x 24”

OverGrowth (Collaboration with Josh Falk) – Wheat paste, acrylic, spray paint and watercolor on wood panel with gloss coat. 23” x 72”

Art is a Battlefield (Collaboration with Kenji Nakayama)– Acrylic, spray paint and enamel on wood panels with matte coat (3). 10’x5’

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