Dana Woulfe Visual Artist.

7-7-7: Montserrat Residency/Installation

I was super excited to be invited to participate in the show 7-7-7 at  Montserrat College of Art this summer. The show consists of 7 artists doing 7 walls in 7 weeks, with each artist given a week to live at Montserrat and work in the gallery (while its open for visitors to watch you work). My week just concluded with my reception, artist talk and directors dinner (in the gallery) last night…and I was thrilled with the outcome. Thanks for a great week Montserrat and I look forward to coming back on August 2nd to see the gallery when all the walls are done!! Below are some pics from my finished wall and a time-lapse video .

Riding High from Dana Woulfe on Vimeo.

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