Dana Woulfe Visual Artist.

Brother From Another Mother Part 2

Once again..Kenji Nakayama and I will be showing at Lot F in Boston. This time the opening is April 6th…. TONIGHT! Yes..I realize I’m a little late on this post… ( i hope you “liked” me on Facebook to keep up with my news and events!!) so to make up for the late notice  I’m releasing one of my favorite new works from the show.

Much of this work was done directly after my trip to Art Basel working on the MetalWoulfe experiment…and you can probably see some of the influences in this one. The entire body of work is based on letterforms but I’m interested in pushing it into abstraction and building the same energetic compositions and forms I was exploring in the Splash series.

Anyway…Here is one of my favorites from the show.


“N” – 57″ x 60″


I’ll have the rest of the new work up soon…stay tuned!!



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