Dana Woulfe Visual Artist.

Project Super Friends

I’ve been lucky in my life to always have family and friends around me who are amazing creative influences and mentors (Thanks Nana!)…but never more so than with Project SF. From the moment we all met and started working together it was obvious something was different. We all pushed each other to be better artists, people and friends…and through those efforts built a collective that was bigger than any of us.

Project SF not only helped take our individual careers to better places but it gave us a creative family unlike any other I’ve ever seen. We’re not friends cause we’re gonna make each other rich and famous…or have something the other wants…we just enjoy hanging out and working together. That kinda thing is rare these days… and its something I really value.

Here is an old video I put together in 2005 that I feel captures some of that energy…

So if you haven’t heard of us before or just got sick of looking at our tired old blog. Come check out our BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!!!



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