Dana Woulfe Visual Artist.

MetalWoulfe Miami Pt.2

Back from an amazing week at Art Basel and I’m finally getting the videos and photos together from the trip. So many amazing murals, so many great people, so many late nights, and so little time for website updates!

The second installment of MetalWoulfe at Art Basel Miami 2011 was at the RC Cola factory in the Wynwood district as a part of Primary Flight…well technically. After some difficulties with available spots we headed to a less crowded area of the complex to do our thing. Everything went well until the next morning when we returned, when upon hitting our stride some very unhappy visitors nicely asked us to leave immediately or potentially die.

So this one was cut a bit short…which is a bummer cause its easily my favorite so far. None the less….I think it holds its own. Pics and timelapse below!

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