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Underground Mural Project

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the 2019 edition of the Underground Mural Project at Underground Ink Block. Put together by the amazing Street Theory crew this is one of the best things happening in the Boston public art scene. This is the second iteration of the project and the space now has over 15 pieces of art painted on the walls and overpasses in and around the space.

This year the roster consisted of Greg Lamarche (SP One), Indie 184, Marka 27, Mur One, Matthew Zaremba, Geo Ortega (GoFive), Silvia Lopez Chavez and myself. It was a huge honor to paint alongside such talented artists and to have an opportunity to add something to this amazing space in Boston!

Thanks so much to everyone involved especially Street Theory for making this happen!

Photo by The Container Yard
Photo by The Container Yard
Photo by The Container Yard

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